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Enhance WordPress login security

What if a hacker takes administrator control of a login vulnerability?

If WordPress users are on the rise, hackers may have hijacked your site’s administrative privileges.

By generating users, hackers can tamper with the site from the WordPress administration page and distribute code such as distributing malware, sending spam emails, and navigating to dangerous websites.

How hackers take over admin rights?

There are several ways to take over administrator privileges by hackers, but the most common way is to take administrator privileges by brute force attacks on the login screen or xmlrpc. It is important to prevent these in advance.


It is also possible to generate users using WordPress vulnerabilities, so check the vulnerabilities from our made plug-in, and if found, update the WordPress body and plug-in I recommend it.

WordPress Doctor Malware Scan & Security Plug-in

What you need to know about WordPress login security

1 Is the password 8 characters or longer and is it a random character string including alphabets and numbers?
The latest version of WordPress automatically sets a strong password, but in past versions, the password was entered by the user.
For this reason, there is a high risk if the password is set to a simple word.

Use a stronger password than the WordPress administration screen> User list> User edit screen.

2 Is the WordPress version 4.9 or higher?
If you use WordPress 3 series, there are vulnerabilities in the login screen, but many vulnerabilities have been discovered, and it is not possible to protect the management functions simply by strengthening the login screen. We recommend that you update your WordPress body to the latest version.

3 Is a software firewall plug-in installed?
In order to prevent brute force login attacks on WordPress, it is recommended to install a plug-in that makes the login screen itself inaccessible (login lock down) with a certain degree of login enforcement. The following plug-ins have this function.

4 Has login capture been implemented?
Using a plug-in that displays something like a quiz that only humans can capture on the login screen is an effective measure to prevent hackers who mechanically repeat login enforcement.

5 Has the login URL been changed?
Changing the login URL is also an effective measure to increase login security. There is a plugin that can be changed from the standard URL of WordPress.

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