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WordPress: How to delete a large number of spam comments at once and how to deal with spam comments

Are you in trouble because a lot of spam comments are posted and erasure cannot keep up, or spam comment posting does not stop?
This time, we will explain how to dial with spam comments.

Do not want to stop the comment function, but want to stop posting spam comments

The WordPress comment function is very useful for accepting responses to posts or questions. Many webmasters don’t want to stop this feature, but want to remove unapproved spam comments that are stuck in WordPress or stop posting a spam comments. I will explain this method.

Show only approved comments

First, make sure that the comment is set as “Comment must be manually approved” or “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” by going to the comment management screen> settings> discussion.
If this is not checked, spam comments will be posted immediately on the site, making it difficult to distinguish them from legitimate comments.

Newly posted comments are accumulated in the comment menu of the management screen, so please approve them there. (Once you approve a user, you don’t need to approve it afterwards)

Bulk delete unapproved comments

There are two ways to delete unapproved (spam) comments at once. You can either delete the SQL statement directly from the database or use the plug-in.
This time, I will explain how to use the easy-to-use plug-in. We recommend backing up your WordPress database before proceeding.

From management screen> plug-in> new addition search, Delete All Comments Search , and install it and activate it.

Then click management screen> Tools> Delete All Comments Easily,
Check “Delete all pending comments” and press the Delete all pending comments button at the bottom. This will delete all unapproved comments.

* If you want to delete all comments, check “Delete all comments” and press the Delete all comments button.

Suppress and defend against writing spam comments

Next, we will take measures to prevent spam comments from increasing.
Install the plugin Anti-spam and activate it .
This plug-in is a plug-in that judges whether a comment is spam when posting a comment, and prohibits spam posting by robots.

Also, add something like a quiz (capture) in the comment field to prevent comment spam Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

* The plug-in above requires pre-registration Google reCaptcha (capture service, free).