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7 sites that can scan WordPress for malware from URLs

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system), as it is said that 25% of websites are made with WordPress.

This time, we would like to introduce 7 sites that can scan malware from outside that can be used when hackers suspect damage to the site.

There are also malware scanner we created that can scan malware from inside wordpress.
WordPress Doctor Malware Scan & Security Plug-in

1. Sucuri site check

Sucuri Site Check is a website that checks URLs for malware infection and blacklisting.
Probably the most powerful site for external inspection. It simulates the general access and the access from the search engine, and displays the malware infection status.

2. Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing is a service that allows you to search URLs to see if your site is in the list of malware-infected sites that Google has uniquely determined. If Google recognizes it as a malware-infected site, the ranking of the search results will be lowered and a warning message such as “May be hacked” will be displayed in the search results.

3. IsItWP security scanner

IsItWP is a very light, online service that allows you to quickly check malware infections and blacklist status from URLs.

4. Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is originally a site that searches from Norton’s dangerous website list to determine whether or not you can access a specific site.

5. UpGuard cloud scanner

UpGuard Cloud Scanner also scans DNS, port scan, SENDMAIL status, etc., so if you use WordPress on a server VPS with ROOT authority, it is a very useful scanner.
After scanning the server for vulnerabilities, it also checks for malware code infection.

6.Trend Microsite Safety Center

The Trend Micro Site Safety Center, like Norton, is a site that determines whether you can access a specific site. It may be better to check your site as it may be registered in the list of sites that have been altered by malware.

7.Web Inspector

Web Inspector will first check if your site is on the Google blacklist or Comodo blacklist.

* Caution-The sites you have introduced scan files from outside, so it may not be possible to detect 100% malware. In addition, detailed information about malware such as which file is infected is unknown.