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What to do if your Google ad review is rejected due to malware

Here’s what to do if you suddenly don’t see your Google ads anymore and your ads are unapproved due to “malicious or undesirable software” appearing on the AdSence screen.

Check if your site is infected with malware

If Google disapproves your ad, it means that Google found malware on your site when it crawled it.
In many cases, if your site is infected with malware, your site will have specific symptoms such as being jumped to another site when you visit it, or being jumped to another site only when you are jumped to your site from Google search results.

It is also possible to check the infection status of the site from the outside using the following services

Sucuri SiteCheck

Google Safe Browsing

The detection rate is considerably lower because the above is examined from outside the site.

Detect and eliminate malware inside your site (in-server programs)

With the [Free] WordPress:Malware Scan & Security Plugin [Malware & Virus Detection & Removal], created by WordPress Doctor, you can detect and remove malware from thousands of patterns with even greater accuracy.

What if I can’t find the malware?

If you still can’t find the malware, you may want to check the following

1 If you are using a CDN, turn it off.
2 Trying to get Google Tag Manager removed from your site’s code
3 Visually inspect the main files of the theme (Functions.php, Header.php, Single.php, Footer.php)

I got rid of the malware (virus), but it doesn’t pass Google’s ad review

We have seen a number of cases where ads are not approved by Google even though we have removed the malware. (As of May 2020).

Here’s why we think Google is misdetecting malware

The malware files shown by Google may contain simple JPG images or general JS distributed by WordPress plug-ins from the official website.
Even if you put simple HTML on the server, it may not pass the examination.
It is possible to pass the screening just by changing the URL of the site such as adding “www”.

We believe that Goolge’s malware scouting system and screening methods are somewhat opaque, and it is possible that a malware free system will not pass the screening.
In this case, you can protest directly to Google’s support by email, or after a long period of time (1 week to 1 month), your application may suddenly be approved.