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Improve security and SEO by converting the entire WordPress site to ssl

When the homepage is changed to ssl (https), will protect the information of members on any membership site. In addition, it is possible to prevent the login ID and password of the administrator of the WordPress site from being leaked (in a specific route).

Furthermore, URLs that start with https are said to be preferentially shown by search engines so are also good for SEO.


What is ssl (https)?

Information on the Internet is delivered to end users through computers connected around the world called servers.

In addition to site information, ID and password information flows between these computers. Ssl is a technology that encrypts data is sent to the intermediary computer.

Get ssl certificate

In order to be able to communicate with a site via ssl, you must first obtain an ssl certificate. An ssl certificate is a file that has been certified by a third party with proof of ownership that your site is communicating correctly and securely.

Install ssl certificate on server

The method of installing ssl to the server is different for each server management company, but here we will explain the general procedure for installing a certificate.

・ Create a CSR on the contracted server (this is the document that contains the key for encryption)
・ Submit your CSR to a certificate authority and obtain an intermediate certificate and certificate it self (Your key is linked with a third party here)
-Finally, install the intermediate certificate and certificate it self on the contract server.

Redirect WordPress page to ssl page

Finally, let’s set all site addresses to https from WordPress Settings → General.

Also, when a user accesses via http after installing a plugin such as Really simple ssl Causes all pages to redirect to the https page.

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