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7 sites that can scan WordPress for malware from URLs

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system), as it is said that 25% of websites are made with WordPress.

This time, we would like to introduce 7 sites that can scan malware from outside that can be used when hackers suspect damage to the site.

There are also malware scanner we created that can scan malware from inside wordpress.
WordPress Doctor Malware Scan & Security Plug-in

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WordPress: Malware scanning & security plugin [Malware / Virus detection and removal]

A plug-in that checks (detects and confirms) WordPress site tampering, hijacking, hacking, malware, and virus infections.

WordPress Doctor malware scanner plugin is that checks and detects WordPress site codes from 4007patterns of malicious code (malware, virus, falsification, hacking damage) .
Malware patterns are constantly updated on our servers and can be detected with the latest pattern definitions.

WordPress Doctor: Malware scan is a plug-in that not only detects tampering, but also determines whether hackers embed malicious code .

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What to do when the search results indicate “This site may be hacked by a third party”

If you are running a WordPress site and the number of accesses suddenly drops or, “This site may be hacked by a third party” is displayed in search result of your site, maybe your sites have been hacked and tampered with.
This time, we will explain how to deal with this situation.

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